2024 Swimming Schedule Released

[Sunday, June 16, 2024]

The Northshore Aquatic Association has released the 2024 Competitive Swimming Schedule. The schedule may consulted on the following page:

Reviewed Divisions

Following the General Assembly on June 10, 2024, Competitive Swimming divisions were reviewed for the 2024 season. The previous Division B and Division C were merged into a single, new Division B formed of eight member pools. Division A will continue to hold six member pools.

Division B Schedule

Hosting pools for Division B were selected in function of the number of hosted meets in 2023, in order to respect section 2.4.4 of the Constitution:

The visiting pool for each hosting pool was selected through a fair and random process, while ensuring that no pools duel against each other more than once throughout the season.

Please address and question related to this communiqué to the Vice-President of Competitive Swimming.