Call for Members! | Establishment of 2024 Joint Meet Organizing Committee

Hello Everyone,

The NAA is happy to announce that the amendment on the Joint Meet Organizing Committee has been approved for the 2024 season!

With the passing of article 2.9, the dynamics of meet organizing have improved significantly. Hosting pools will now be supported by a membership-wide team for the organization of meets. This procedure sets to relieve the burden on the organizing member by mobilizing the resources from all member pools, while also providing less-experienced organizing members with the necessary expertise and knowledge to run a successful event. Through this unifying and collective effort, members can rest assured that no pool will be left to organize by themselves, an activity which benefits all members of the Association. 

All members are required to contribute to meet organizing, at least once every two seasons. We hope, with this new initiative guaranteeing support, to see a larger number of member pools wishing to host a meet in the years to come. 

Today, I am inviting all members to join the first Joint Meet Organizing Committee. Come help make our collective events a success! If you are interested in joining this committee in 2024, please send me an email by June 2nd, 2024, with the name of the person and the pool they represent.

Leniyo Amayao
Vice-président de la Natation compétitive | Vice-President of Competitive Swimming
Association aquatique Northshore | Northshore Aquatic Association