Swimming Coaches Meeting Recap

Following the June 28 NAA swim coaches meeting, the following information has been provided by the VP of swimming. All related documents and files, including the Swimming Coach handbook, can be found in the “Download Tools” section of the website.

The strokes below only apply to Time Trials and Big Meet. Refer to page 3 of the handout for other situations.
  • 11 & 12, Boys and Girls: Medley
  • 13 & 14, Boys and Girls: Free
  • Open, Men and Women: Medley
Upcoming tasks:
  1. Submit a list of swimmers before July 5. Follow the instructions on page 4 concerning the format of the file.Upload the list here: https://forms.gle/zLJH14s9A75JFJeC8You can register additional swimmers after the initial list submission here: https://forms.gle/mDoxodNBe5W35F7x8. Should there be a significant number of swimmers to register later in the season, you may email to me an ‘.xslx’ file as described on page 4.Audits will be conducted to ensure that all participating swimmers have been declared to the NAA.
  2. Submit a list of potential volunteers before July 5. Follow the instructions on page 12 concerning the format of the file.Upload the list here:https://forms.gle/JjCF15LQibLNetGw9.Additional volunteers may sign up, by themselves, here: https://forms.gle/Vew85PVvzqtbgxt48.
  3. Submit registrations for Summer Swim Meet before July 14, 23:59.A procedure for submitting registrations will be sent out in an email next week.
Dual Meet Results Submission:
Find attached the ‘.zip’ file to be used for the submission of results.
Refer to page 9 of the handout.
Swim Cards:
Please send an email if you require more cards.
Media Release:
The NAA is looking to to invite the media to promote its swim activities, All interested member pools are invited to join. We are also looking for swimmers who are interested in appearing in the media.
The following messages will be put forth:
  • Recruitment of new members at affiliated pools
  • The need for local pools in communities
  • Drowning prevention
  • The significance of NAA Swim Meets for children
  • The lower turnout of swimmers after Covid
  • The lifeguard and staff shortage at local pools
The NAA is also considering making this into a recruitment campaign.
Please speak with your managers and board members. We believe that this increased media presence can have a positive impact on all member pools. Pools who have suggestions or would like to be included in this press event are invited to communicate with the Vice-President of Competitive Swimming.
NAA Volunteer Opportunities:
The NAA is currently looking for volunteers willing to help with certain administrative tasks. Target candidates are high school students needing community service hours. The NAA will recognize their hours and sign any necessary form for their school.
We are looking for people interested in completing the following tasks:
  • Translation of documents from English to French
  • Compilation of data
  • Writing and editing documents
Contact the Vice-President of Competitive Swimming for additional details.
The NAA would like to emphasize its objective to increase participation in its swimming activities. It is asked that pools take the best efforts to recruit as many swimmers as they can.
Non-affiliated pools interested in joining NAA swimming programs are welcome to contact the Vice-President of Competitive Swimming.
The NAA would like to wish you a great swimming season! If you wish to contact the Vice-President of Competitive Swimming, please follow the directives on page 14 of the handout.