It has come time for me to say goodbye

This will be my last post on the website.

I started posting results on the web for the NAA in 2002 so it’s been 20 years.

Like many parents of swimmers I went through being an NAA member, having a swimmer who went through the whole gamut of swimming in summer, diving, doing synchro, waterpolo, joining winter swimming (Pointe Claire and then Beaconsfield in her case) then being on staff and finally managing Fairview pool.

I volunteered for our local Elm Park pool for a time then became the President there and after that the president of the NAA for 4 years.

But, time moves on for everyone.  My daughter has been out of college for years now and I don’t even live in Montreal or Canada for that matter anymore.   Yes, that’s me in the picture, boating in Florida where I live now.  I’m well and very busy with other things. They’re just not related to the NAA.

I’ve maintained the website over all that time and enjoyed posting on it literally tens of thousands of pictures I’d taken but it is time for someone local, directly involved with work at the NAA to take it over.

I’d like to thank everyone who I’ve been able to work with over these many years.  Parents, athletes, coaches, sponsors, the different city councilmembers and finally the countless volunteers.  It has enriched my life and my memories of my time with the NAA will remain among my favourites.

The website will become the responsibility of the current NAA president and whoever they decide should run it.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the look and feel changes.  I hope that all the history will be maintained.  I will be updating the 2023 calendar that is being decided at the August 29th 2022 meeting as well as any constitutional changes that are finalized at that meeting and that will likely be my last update on the website.  At some point before the end of calendar year my access to the site will be removed.

For those who might want to reach me, my email won’t change.  You can email me at  My NAA email will be discontinued later this year.

The NAA has been a remarkable and unique fixture of aquatics in North America for decades and I very much hope it continues for a very, very long time.

Thanks to all of you.  It’s been quite a great ride.
Chris Vandersluis