Last NAA Meeting of the 2018 Season – Aug 27, 7pm

You will find attached the following meeting package for the final 2018 NAA Assembly to be held at 7PM on August 27th 2018 at Sarto-Desnoyers (Dorval Community Centre) Salon B.

Hard copies of this package will be be made available during the meeting. It contains:

  • Agenda for August Assembly;
  • Attribution of NAA Events within the past 2 years (for bidding purposes);
  • NAA 2019  Calendar.
  • No constitutional amendment proposals have been received yet.

This assembly is longer than usual due to the awarding of events. We kindly ask that pools decide in advance which events they would like to bid on.  We ask that everyone show up on time, as the roll-call will start at 7 PM sharp.

All trophies given out during finals must be handed back at this meeting. Thank you for your cooperation. If you wish to submit constitutional proposals, please do so in writing at the beginning of the Assembly (or before by e-mail) to Daniel.

Download: August Assembly 2019 Meeting Package