End of the season and the end of an era

Our final NAA meeting of the 2018 season is now behind us.  There is lots of news.

First, you’ll find the 2018 NAA calendar has now been updated with the award of all the 2018 finals.

Next, we have a new NAA President!  Daniel Sikorski has taken the reins from Steve Batah who will now begin a year in the past-president role.  Daniel’s contact information is on the NAA Executive page.

We would like to take a moment to thank Steve for his remarkable tenure as president of our association.  During his time there have been many changes and improvements in how we compete and how we encourage participation.  Throughout his years as President, Steve has been a central figure in keeping the NAA on track and a key resource for many to look up to.  His selfless contribution to our community is an example for us all.