Final NAA Meeting of the 2016 Season is on Monday August 29

naalogo_iconIt’s finally come to that time.  Our third and final NAA meeting of the 2016 season is as scheduled this coming Monday, August 29th at 7pm at the Dorval Community Center.

This meeting will be longer than usual given the season review and voting on 2017 events.
Also, there will be a vote for a new NAA president at this meeting.  Please advise the current president, Steve Batah if you or someone you know is interested.  Steve will not be seeking an extension to his mandate.
2 representatives from each pool should be in attendance to maximize (2) votes.  Ideally, one of the two representatives being a board member and the other a staff member.
You will find additional attachments at the end of the agenda including the proposed 2017 Calendar, the list of which pools hosted events in the last two years (important information for bidding for events) and the minutes from the last meeting.

Please read the rest of this message for the complete agenda.


Date: August 29th 2016
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Dorval Community Center, Salon B

Introduction and Welcome

  1. Approval of minutes and agenda
  2. Executive Reports
    1. Treasurer
    2. President
    3. VP Swimming
    4. VP Synchro
    5. VP Diving
    6. VP Water Polo
    7. VP Marketing
  3. Proposals for Constitutional Changes
  4.  2017 Calendar
  5.  Awarding of 2017 Events
  6.  New Business / Announcements
  • Vote for new President
  • Date of next meeting (May 15th 2017, 7pm)
  •  Call for adjournment