New members of the NAA Executive

There are some new members of the NAA executive who were voted in during our first NAA meeting of this season.

Our new Treasurer and VP of Marketing is Ingrid Oldenburg. Louise Hurteau will pass on the mantle of treasurer after over 20 years of being on the NAA Executive. There is no way to sufficiently thank Louise for her gift of time and wise guidance. The NAA wouldn’t be the NAA without the work she has tirelessly done for ages.

Ingrid will also take on the position of VP of Marketing; a post which has been vacant for several years.

Our new VP of Synchro is Keli Hersh.  Keli takes over from Haley Tierney who has done a great job.  Thanks Haley!

In Waterpolo, Tyler Blake will take over from Dan Bekhazi.  Dan has our thanks and appreciation for all the work he did in the role.

For a complete list and contact information of your NAA Executive for 2015, see the NAA Executive page.