2017 Time Trial Results now available

The 2017 Time Trials are complete and we have the results.  Our thanks to our gracious hosts of the A, B and C division Time Trials today which were much appreciated by all.  And, our congratulations to all athletes who competed so fiercely for their pools.  We have the combined A, B and C Time Trials results available on the 2017 Combined Time Trials page.  The A, B and C separate results will be posted over the next couple of days.  Based on the results of the combined Time Trials, the A and B heats will be determined at the Big Meet.  Remember, no pool can have more than 2 people in an event so in the case of some events where 3 people might have been in Time Trials heats, only the two fastest competitors will make it into the event.  There are 12 competitors for each event, 6 in each heat. There are also 4 alternates for each event who should be standing by in case there are late scratches.

If you find any typos or believe there is an error in the results, please contact your own Swim Team coach to discuss it and then that coach will contact the VP of Swimming if necessary.

Now, it’s on to the Big Meet!