Come Volunteer for the NAA

Each summer, hundreds of volunteers enable us to continue providing accessible aquatic activities to thousands of children. You can make a difference by helping us advance our mission in the communities we serve.

How to Get Involved

Fill out the following form, and come help us out this summer:

Alternatively, you may reach out to the NAA, at Looking to help out at your local NAA pool? Visit this page for their contact information.

Programme Overview

Our volunteering programme is tailored to all, especially those of elementary and high school age! This is a great opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge become an effective teammate, communicator and leader.

A Flexible Programme

Participants have the flexibility to volunteer according to their preferences, availabilities and abilities. The Association encourages all individuals to apply. Anyone can contribute according to their schedules—there is no minimum or maximum amount of time to contribute.

All individuals seeking volunteer hours will be provided an opportunity to help out!

Rewarding Involvement

We will fill out documents which certify a student’s completion of volunteer hours. Additionally, participants will be awarded official NAA certificates according to the trainings they undergo and the work they complete within the Association. Students are also welcome to use the Association as a reference and entry on their Curriculum Vitae

General Work at Swim Meets

Want some short-term commitments that will help you finish your school volunteer hours? Come volunteers at one of our various large summer events. You can set up/set down equipment, time swimmers, transport equipment or do other punctual tasks. Snacks are provided at most meets!

Results Control, Data and Statistics

Do you want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers? Get involved, and we’ll teach you how to extract data, manipulate tables and obtain incredible statistics. 

You will learn how to use formulas and properly organize data. 

Communications, Public Image, Public Relations and Community Relations

Do you want to improve your communication skills? You can help the NAA out by writing letters, emails and memos. Everything you write will be proofread, and feedback will be given so that you get better. You can also help run our social media pages and enhance the image of the NAA.

If that isn’t interesting enough, you can help create and implement different surveys, to obtain real feedback from members about Competitive Swimming activities. Lead the change by garnering valuable insight from participants.

Document Production and Redaction

Interested in writing formal documents? Work in teams and create some of the documents that will be used by hundreds of volunteers and members, for the years to come!

You don’t need much experience in redaction—the NAA will be there to help you. And you’ll learn some important skills on business, formal and technical writing.

Meet Organization and Volunteer Coordination

As a volunteer for the Association, you could help the NAA make sure that it organizes the best events over the summer. Work with different pools to make sure that they have the equipment, volunteers and support they need.

Archiving and Historical Information

Do you enjoy organizing and categorizing things? You could help the Association by organizing historical information, such as trophy winners, dates of important events, etc.


Are you good at finding information? You could conduct in-depth research on various topics of interest to the Association, to help it advance its mission of providing aquatic activities.

Special Projects

Are you good at planning and organizing? You could help the NAA plan out special events and projects. With the help of the Vice-President, help get whatever is necessary to ensure that these special projects are completed.